Sunday, December 20, 2009

odds & ends

I've been a little uninspired to post here lately, sometimes I just don't feel that I have much noteworthy to say! Also, I lost my tracking analytics for visits to this blog site over a month ago, and when I can't actually see that anyone is visiting I sort of don't feel like writing. Should take care of that problem, but it's something that I avoid because I'm not sure I understand what I need to do. Mind you, I did set it up the first time correctly, so I shouldn't be put off by the techno speak that I encounter when I go to google help, but I shy away from it.
I would much rather spend my time with my quilts, and the quilts of others who entrust their quilts to me. On Friday I actually delivered 3 quilt tops, relatively small, to 2 different women but I neglected to take pictures of them. Both were pleased with the results, which is always a relief to me. This morning I finished up this one for Nancy:
It's 2 1/2" strips of homespuns all sewn up in one continuous length.
Also spending some time in the kitchen, Bob and I baked Christmas goodies last Sunday and have been sampling them ever since! My new favorite is the very addicting pretzel rounds, sometimes called "Can my butt get any bigger cookies" but I think of them as the crack cocaine of cookies because all it takes is one to get hooked.
They are like the completely satisfying cookie/candy because they hardly take any time to prepare, only 3 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees, and can be made with many variations. These are chocolate stars in the center with an M&M on top, but are equally as good with other things like rolos, kisses, mints, nuts, etc. I have also determined that the best way to eat them is simply to pop the whole thing in the mouth at once so you don't end up in that socially uncomfortable position of a partial crumbled pile of pieces in your hand. You know what I mean. Better to just take the whole hit at once and keep all the crumbles contained internally!
And now I have to tell you about this hairbrained idea (where did that phrase come from?) that is all Debbie's fault. She so graciously gave me a new book for Christmas that has me thinking it could be turned into a fun monthly group at the store as we make our way through the 100+ blocks included in this quilt.
Not so awfully unusual, except that it is written for HAND PIECING! And I have actually even made one!
When I first learned about quilting in 1980, the class I took included hand piecing so I kind of wanted to see if I could still remember what to do. The answer is Yes! The class was at The Cotton Shop in Richfield, MN, no longer there. We lived only a few blocks away, and I could pop my little baby Brita in the stroller and take her by there on our walks. Fast forward to Brita all grown up!
Anyway, it must be like riding a bike, because it seemed easy enough to put needle and thread, templates and fabric, all together once again. As far as whether or not this one block becomes a whole quilt, we shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, I am simmering cranberry juice, spices, and red wine for some mulled wine to be served this evening to our neighborhood friends on our progressive sort-of dinner. Two houses of appetizers and one of desserts! Yummo!

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MissesStitches said...

I've missed your posts! M-m-m-mmm Those cookies sound good. Gotta try some. I'm doing my baking today.