Wednesday, October 22, 2014

this and that

Our days have been packed lately so a lot has been going on that I haven't written about.  Here are some highlights:

Little Jack Robert Burke was baptized at home with us, thanks to our pastor who is generous with his time.  We needed to fit this into a weekend when Dan and Lauren were here, and we are so glad that it worked out for them.  Grant Tanner is our pastor at Cedar United Methodist Church.

It is a special day when our kids can all be in one place at one time.  Dan and Lauren live in Whitefish, MT.  Ben and Brita and Ian and Jack live in Minneapolis, but are soon moving to Charlotte, NC.  So I think these group photos will be hard to come by in the future.  But we do have a good time and laughs whenever we can.

It was bittersweet to take Dan and Lauren to the airport for their trip back to Whitefish.  So sad to see them go, but after I got back in the car and felt that big void where they had been, I decided I should turn that frown upside down and go to IKEA!  It is just on the other side of the airport and it is a treat to go there since it isn't convenient for any spur-of-the-moment trips.  And I had been lusting after this rug for my sewing room for quite awhile! 

Now it makes me happy to see it and remember Dan and Lauren's visit with something bright and pretty.

A few weeks ago, Ian got to visit his great grandma and great grandpa in Iowa.  He always gets to do something new when he is there, this time he learned how to pick tomatoes with great grandma.  I think he will be hired again next summer!