Thursday, June 12, 2008

good food, good friends

Trixie's Girls spent another lovely Tuesday evening together at Ursula's Wine Bar in White Bear Lake!  We gather there sporadically for the Rummage Sale Wine Night, plus they always have delicious food.  I highly recommend it!  We were fortunate to be able to use their patio seating until a few stray raindrops drove us indoors.  Our favorite waitress, Sara, can be seen standing attentively nearby--she has some great artwork displayed in the restaurant, too.  I had a delicious roast chicken dinner with potatoes and basil, several of the others had the pork dinner with a little round pasta.  And our wine was tasty and plentiful!  We solved many of the world's problems, but rest assured, there will be plenty more to solve the next time we sit down together!  Most in the group are quilters or somehow connected by Bear Patch Quilting Co., so we get to talk about our favorite fabric stuff, too!  Yesterday morning The Posse pulled it together for blueberry pancakes at Nancy's house and planning for our next boondoggle--bet you can't wait to find out where we are headed to next!  It probably won't be to the extent of last summer's tour of Maine and Vermont, but we will surely find some other fun new places to help revitalize the economy!  Better start saving my pennies!  Delivered the High Rollers quilt to Marilee, which was a fun one to quilt.  I have a new one on the frame and more waiting patiently.  

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