Sunday, June 17, 2012

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I have just returned from a weekend away at my friend, Debbie's, lake cabin near Chetek, WI.  We had such a good time and some fun memories.  I like to walk down the path and steps to the lake in the morning when I wake up, just to check on what's happening on the water.  The first morning, this is what greeted me---
Maybe a Northern Water snake?
Kind of stopped me in my tracks!  I ran back to get my camera and zoomed in to get a decent picture without venturing too close.  I have looked at some pictures and think it is a pretty common water snake, but the distinctive markings that would prove it are on the underside of the body.  No way was I going to be looking at the underside of that body!  We never saw him again out in the open, so I am hoping he found some other bit of lakeshore to call home.
We did some sewing, I was working on a new quilt that will be written as a pattern soon.  I enjoy writing up a few patterns, but have no intention of making it a career.  But something happened recently that involves my pattern, Hocus Pocus, that I designed and wrote back in 2009.  
Hocus Pocus
Much to my surprise, I found that this quilt is shown on the Timeless Treasures website.  It is a digital rendition using their batik fabrics, and really looks nice!  I guess it's a good form of advertisement for me, but very unexpected.  I'll be communicating with them to see if they like any more of my patterns!

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MissesStitches said...

Nice friend you have there! Congrats on the quilt pattern. That's good news. Soon-to-be-famous Sister!