Friday, December 7, 2012

out of town...

I have been occupied with blogging over on the Bear Patch blog lately, and enjoying some vacation time in Whitefish, MT.  A beautiful small mountain town, home to son, Dan.  We have so enjoyed our time here, which is ending soon.  And yesterday I wanted to put up some pictures here to show you the cool places we've visited, but I hit a snag with the Picassa web album that houses my blog pictures.  I wasn't even aware that the pictures were on a Picassa web album, but they say I have reached my limit unless I want to pay for some space!  So no vacation pictures to show you until I get that figured out, or maybe I should say until Dan helps me figure it out!  But I do have a video to share, thanks to a heads up from sis Jan--

I found it very interesting to see more about the process of making fabric.  And there is much more that goes into the artistic design, also.  So hope you like it, and hope I will have some photos to share soon! Going to put on my boots and go to the Christmas Stroll in downtown Whitefish tonight in new fallen snow!

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Daniel said...

What a cool video!