Sunday, May 5, 2013

the family jewels

I had some fun this morning poking around in some of my odds and ends of jewelry, and wanted to show you some things that I think are special.  Probably not from a monetary perspective, but from a personal perspective they seem special to me!

This was a set of earrings and matching brooch that belonged to my Grandma Herbert.  She was a great one for wearing matching jewelry.  These earrings are the clip-on type, so I don't wear them.  But I do pin on the brooch on a jacket lapel, and I like the little sparkles.

I think this next one also belonged to the same Grandma.  The pin back has broken off, so it is not very useful in its current condition.

This cute little daisy reminds me of something I would have liked in 1970 or thereabouts.  Flower Power to the People!

And this last one also came from my Grandma, and it is made of 2 different hammered metals.  I think there were earrings to match, but I don't have them.  I like this one mostly because it is kind of unique, not a style that is common.  It seems more contemporary maybe.

So that's the family jewels!


Daniel said...

Those jewels are so cool! That's awesome that they've survived this long!

Pam said...

They should survive awhile longer. If you are lucky you will someday inherit the riches! But you do have to promise to share with your sib. It's almost like winning the lottery, right?

Brita said...

"I leave all of my jewels, not to my daughter, but to my son, Dan."