Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Some assorted happenings to tell you about....

I started a new stocking cap that I hope will be big enough for Dan's head.  It's very much like a cap I made him a few years ago, but a different weight and brand of yarn, so I wasn't 100% sure of how many stitches to cast on.  At first, I thought I had totally miscalculated because it looked so small on the ribbing edge.  But as it has progressed, I'm more hopeful that it will, in fact, fit the intended head.  As long as he keeps his hair short!  It's very nice yarn to work with, a washable wool.  

A new fun find on the shelves at Trader Joe's!

Speculoos Cookie Butter--like they say in Wikipedia, it's a spreadable cookie.  SO GOOD!  Really good on toast.  I'm thinking a Speculoos/Nutella combo might be even better!  If you can find yourself some, give it a try.  It's sort of like a spice cookie flavor from a Belgian cookie specialty.  I researched it a little online, and noticed that sometimes it has to be rationed by the stores, which means I better go back and get some more!

Our favorite little guy has been working on his balance and has been brave enough to release the hand or object that supports his walking.  A small step for Ian, a giant leap for his parents!

We loved having him and his parents with us for a few days during our family fishing trip at Lake Winnibigoshish.  There were several "2nd cousins" (children of cousins) that were so good with little Ian.  These 2 below, Cade and Jorgen, were especially fun for Ian to watch.

Group hug!
Thanks, guys, for delighting little Ian with your smiles and play.  Cade, on the left, is from Memphis.  Jorgen is from Lincoln, NE.  I hope we get to see them again sometime soon.


Daniel said...

The hat looks awesome! The original you made for me in abut 2005 while I was still at college and still looks great even though it is coming up on eight years old. Your hats are the best!

MissesStitches said...

Little Ian on his own! Wow! He is so blank-sty-blank cute! The hat looks wonderful, too.

Pam said...

Dan, I was able to get the hat on Dad's head but it was a little tight. We know what a big head he has, so I am hoping it will still fit you well!
Jan--You should let me teach you to knit and then you can make hats, too! Wouldn't GranddaughterStitches look great in one?