Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well, what little normalcy I had in my makeshift kitchen is now gone!
Here's the corner that housed my Grandma's old buffet and dining room table.

 Today we had to remove all the furniture from the dining room/living room so those original wood floors can be sanded and refinished along with the new.
Here's the kitchen on the right and the bathroom that is under construction is that dark doorway on the left.  The hallway running to the bathroom is all new wood, the kitchen floor was changed to wood several years ago.  So now it is all getting the same treatment.
Sheet rock taping was done today, and big fans are running all night to get it dried.
Messy stuff!

Here's a corner where the original wood is sanded down but still not sanded right next to the wall.  I like all of that light wood!  I hope we can get a really light stain on it.

Now here's a picture from another kitchen, in Sioux Falls, around 1983.  Brita was always a good helper, and that day we were making cut-out cookies.  Brita stood on a chair and the rolling pin got away from her!  There she dangled, not sure what to do next!  She doesn't have that problem anymore, but someday one of her little boys might find himself in a similar predicament!

I don't do this very often, but tonight I took a picture of my dinner!  We were eating at Perkins', and ordered their special stir fry chicken with strawberries.  I have never thought about adding strawberries to stir fry, but it was delicious!

Looks awfully healthy, don't you think?


MissesStitches said...

Love the picture of Brita! How cute! Good luck with the rest of your kitchen work.

Daniel said...

That new open layout in the kitchen looks fantastic!!! And that pic of B is hilarious!