Monday, August 11, 2014

kitchen before/after

The remodel/makeover/renovation is nearly finished in the kitchen.  I have some before and after pictures to share, showing the changes.
The kitchen is a long "galley" layout, and we left some things right where they were before, especially along the window wall on the left in these first two pictures.  

The pictures below show how one little corner has changed.  The tall cabinet on the left was the cleaning supplies.  The little appliance garage, while a good idea, only had enough room to hold 2 electric appliances.  Now the broom closet section has expanded, and the right side has widely spaced shelves that hold all of the appliances that we need.

Down below, you will see an area that has a big improvement.  In the old kitchen, the cabinets ended at the refrigerator.  Now, we have a whole new section of cabinets, both top and bottom.  It is so nice to make better use of that blank space.  Now we have ample room for all of our "good" dishes, glasses, serving pieces, etc.

And finally, probably the biggest change in the scenery.  We removed the upper cabinets and soffit,  and created an island.  And don't you love that new contemporary range hood?  Actually, we have had a long wait for that piece to arrive, but it is now scheduled to be installed this week (I hope)!

The back side of that island was formerly a carpeted hallway.  Now, it is a bank of narrow cabinets with wood flooring.

 We are thrilled with the outcome and very happy with the craftsmanship that made this a kitchen that will last a long, long time!
Our general contractor was Ross Tretsvan of Norway Builders.
He lined up the right guys, worked out solutions, tried to keep things running smoothly, and helped us through every step of the project.
Tomorrow is the bathroom reveal!
And now I'm going to make some breakfast in my lovely kitchen!


Daniel said...

It looks FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

Brita said...

It is so beautiful, Mom! What a perfect remodel for you guys.