Tuesday, September 16, 2014

alive and well

Just letting you know that I am still breathing!

I have found the answer to one of life's important questions:
How many times can a 2 year old ask "What's that"?
Answer:  Infinity

We (Bob and I) spent a wonderful long weekend with our 2 little grandsons.  And then collapsed!
There are many entertaining things to do when you are 2.
Ride on Grandpa's lawn tractor.
Look for toads.
Go to the apple orchard.
Help grandma cook something.
Build a fire with Grandpa.
Pull weeds.
Play outside with front end loaders and dump trucks in the sand.

And then there's baby brother, who likes his bottle many times a day.
And learning to eat cereal.
And work on rolling over.
And tummy time.
And holding onto rattles.
And jumping in the bouncer.

We all had a good time, and we were all glad to see mom and dad return from their trip.
Being grandparents is a good thing!

One of our weekly produce bags brought us these very pretty vegies, and I just had to take a picture.  I have never seen a purple cauliflower before!  It turned the water purple when I steamed it.  I should have used it for dying some yarn!

Remember the new yarns that I bought on vacation? I made myself leave them alone until I finished the little sweater that I had been working on.

Here it is after washing, all laid out to dry.  
The letter "B" stands for Burke, their last name.
And solves the problem of whether to put their first initial on it and then the other won't get to use it.
And now that that's done, I am figuring out my next project!

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Daniel said...

That picture of you holding Ian at the orchard is FANTASTIC! You should get it framed. And that veggie haul from the crop share looks great!