Thursday, February 5, 2015

the magic of machines

Many of you reading this blog probably have one or more sewing machines.  A fascinating machine that has intrigued me for a long long time as I tried to figure out how those 2 threads made a stitch.  Well, here's another cool machine that is essential to our sewing--the bolt winder!  Click on the link below to watch a little video.  It shows the full width fabric on the lower left feeding up and over to the right.  Behind the fabric there is another part of the frame that folds the full width in half and then it feeds down and is rolled onto a bolt.

Post by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

As you can see, it happens pretty fast.  Most bolts hold 10-15 yards of fabric.  And if you have ever wondered why the fabric on the bolt is somewhat askew, this video should help you understand that even though there is a person running the machine, the fabric is not handled with TLC by someone who carefully and lovingly folds and rolls the bolt!

So now when you see a stack or shelf of fabric bolts, you will have an image in your mind of how that fabric ended up folded and wrapped on the bolt!

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