Tuesday, March 17, 2015

please don't touch the quilters

I went to the quilt show in Augusta, presented by the local quilting guild.  If you have ever visited a quilt show before, you probably know that it is pretty normal to see signs posted as reminders to not touch the quilts.  The oils and unseen dirt on our hands can accumulate and cause problems with some fabrics.  Sometimes there are even "white glove ladies" present, who will lift a corner of the hanging quilt to give a view of the back of the quilt.  They wear cotton gloves to protect the quilts.

At the Augusta quilt show, this sign says "please don't touch the quilters".
I guess it's OK to touch the quilts?
I think the person in charge of the signs needs to start over!

At the quilt show, there was a woman selling tote bags made from recycled feed sacks.  This one was a chicken feed bag in a former life.  I think it looks like just the right thing for browsing around the farmer's market!

I worked on several easy little projects, and thanks to my mom's help with binding, we got these made:

little baby blankies made from double-sided plush fabric.  Just attach a binding and it's done!  We made this binding wider than usual, cutting the strips 6" wide.

Then there were the pillowcases, little and big, for 2 little boys.  Featuring Frozen, the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss.

The first picture shows mini size pillowcases, which is just right for my little guys.  Neither one is big enough to need a full size pillow, so they like the little ones.  Here are the directions, if you are interested in trying one:

Pint-sized Pillowcases
5/8 yard fabric for body of pillowcase--cut 18" x 32"
3/8 yard fabric for cuff of pillowcase--cut 9" x 32"
This is designed for the small travel pillows (approx. 14" x 20").

It is a very good idea to wash the fabrics before cutting.  And since they do shrink, I stated the amount required with a little cushion to allow for shrinkage.  Finished pillowcase is approx. 16" x 22".  Seam allowance is 1/4".  It is best to finish the seams with zigzag or serger.

Iron the cuff fabric, wrong sides together to form a strip 4 1/2" x 32".
Sew the folded cuff strip to the 32" edge of the pillowcase fabric, right sides together, matching the raw edges.  Press the seam away from the cuff.
Fold the pillowcase in half with right sides together and the cuff at one end.  Sew the side seam, backstitching at the opening.  Sew the bottom of the pillowcase closed, backstitch at beginning and end.  Turn right side out and press.

More accomplishments for mom--

She finished the hand quilting on this small quilt.  She used embroidery floss and larger than usual stitch size.  It's called "big stitch quilting" and is a growing trend.  Never knew my mom was such a trendy gal!

More treats for those little boys--

5 pairs of fun pajama pants that I hope will come close to fitting one or the other!
Fire trucks, jungle animals, triangles (kites according to Ian), red pickup trucks with Penny (Lauren's dog) in the back, and goofy faces.  This should keep them entertained for a moment or 2.

And I continue with my obsession with Bridget's Bagettes--

I just can't seem to kick the habit!


Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me if you take each line as a statement of its own. "Please don't touch" - - - and then "The quilters thank you".
(The quilters are thanking you for not touching the quilts.)

LadySchep said...

LOL, I guess I'd rather strangers touch my quilts than touch me!

Pam said...

Believe me, I know the intent of the sign! Just a funny example of how much difference the placement of one little period would make.

Brita said...

I know Ian loves his little pillows (he currently won't go into his crib unless the gnome pillow is there) and I love them too. They are just so cute. It'll be time for Jack to get a pillow soon, to go with the new pillowcases!

Trendy grandma!