Saturday, October 10, 2015

grandkids are the best!

I'm really showing a great deal of restraint here, I could have 10 times these pictures of our grandsons to show you, but I'm giving you just a smattering!

walking on the beach and playing in the waves at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina

playing in the waves the first time at Charleston, NC

surprise face
happy face

mad face
silly face with great grandma

I can tell he's thinking of something important!

my boys touring around the house
(no lawn mower blades were running and speed was at a crawl!  I'm overly cautious as a former trauma nurse!)
The beach pictures are the most recent of these, taken while we were on full-time childcare duty while their mom and dad were away.  We decided to venture out from Charlotte and go to the oceanside.  It was a fun trip!

The other pictures were from their visit to MN in August for 2 whole weeks!  We took in a lot of activities while they were here.  And had a lot of cuddles!

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