Saturday, March 19, 2016

music to my ears

It has been only a week since the grandsons went back to NC.  I think I have all the toys picked up, but I haven't gotten around to cleaning the floors and bathrooms yet!  That can wait!

Ian surprised me and asked if he could sew something with me--I'm not sure if it was the intrigue of the sewing room and all of the goodies in there, or that he really knows what sewing is about!  Either way, I thought it was worth making a little pillowcase from my red truck fabric during Jack's naptime.  He stood on a little stool right by my chair to watch the machine do its magic, and he was all smiles when he got to hug his pillow!  We will definitely do that again, and include little Jack in the fun, too!

Here's a cut shot of Ian after we got out some of our old Lego collection--

he had great plans to make everything in the diagrams!  He already likes to build with blocks, and now is old enough to move to the Lego pieces.  And it makes a fun thing to do with Papa and Grandpa, too.

Over at Bear Patch, we have put up a display of employees' projects, and I dug out this one for something that not a lot of people have ever seen.  It is Urban Beads by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I made it about 4 years ago (I think) and have never finished it.  Just waiting for quilting--just like the shoemaker's children, my quilts usually wait for finishing!  

I had to tear myself away from English Paper Piecing this evening, while watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament on TV.  I am really really wanting to finish up the project I have going so I can start the next one.  I did stray from the straight and narrow this afternoon, and gave into the temptation to prepare some pieces for my new project, Glorious Hexagons.  I did some fussy cutting from some interesting fabrics to see what the design combinations would look like.  Here's what I cut and glued today, and tucked away into my sewing basket.  They are fun!

Does this look like fun to you, or am I nuts?!

Here's one quilt that I made for a store sample that I actually have quilted and bound.  It will go into our upcoming display of baby and kid quilts.  This dragon fabric was so cute, and so easy to work into this pattern called Diva 2 by Maple Island Quilts.  I would not recommend using a directional fabric int he border like that gray one I used.  It has a diamond design, and I quickly realized that I was going to need to alter the cutting so the diamonds all stood up and down, not part of them sideways!

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