Monday, May 30, 2016

still learning my camera

A whole bunch of pictures taken today, as I learn more and more about using my DSLR camera.  Back in 1980 or 81, I took a course to learn to use my actual non-digital SLR camera.  It had film and everything!  I think it was in community ed.  I think I learned a lot faster back then!  Each week, our teacher gave us some homework and had us get our pictures printed on a contact sheet so we didn't have to pay to have them all developed and printed in full size.  Then we could do comparisons during our lessons.  Then, flash forward to digital, and they make it easy to practice because I can take LOTS of pictures and view them in larger sizes on my screen.  And I never have to buy film!

So, sorry if you came looking for quilts today!  There is one token fiber picture at the end!

A busy little iridescent insect scampered across the patio blocks.
If he would just sit still I would have a better shot!

Perennial geraniums and mosses on a short retaining wall.
We built this little wall by our backdoor in 1988, I think,
and it has retained quite well, with a little crumbling from age.
I guess I could say the same for myself!

This winter hardy shrub rose was planted at the same time as that wall was built.
It still blooms no matter how much I ignore it!

Hostas grow well in our yard because we have many
fully grown shade trees.  They thrive on benign neglect!

This little plant is a relative of the bleeding heart.  Its leaves are fern-like.
And that nasty thistle is doomed!  I love to pull weeds!
The sound and feel as those roots release gives me goosebumps!

One of the large sedum plants.  Beautiful big purplish flowers in autumn.

Your standard bleeding heart bush, near the end of flowering.
These bushes get so overgrown that we have to cut them back.

A little bit of asparagus still showing up in the garden,
but not for much longer.  My asparagus lunch was relished!

I have plenty of thyme, but no parsley, sage nor rosemary.

Rhubarb is on the chopping block!
 I need to harvest some more to freeze for later.

Not from my garden, but they are still beauties!  These are yarns I bought on vacation,
with some cuts of limited edition huckleberry batiks.
They are crazy for huckleberries in Whitefish.  Rightfully so, too.


MissesStitches said...

Very nice photos. I think you are paying attention to your class.

Daniel said...

Fantastic photos!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the pic of the bug on the patio!