Saturday, September 10, 2016

quilting getaway

Great times with good friends and fabric!
That's what quilt retreats are all about!
I'm in Augusta, WI, at Bridge Creek Cottage.  I've been here several times, and probably written about it here before.  This time my mom even got to come along!

Yesterday I worked on my Little Rings quilt that I wrote about in the previous post.  Except for the time that we took a field trip to Eau Claire to visit Stitch Supply and The Calico Shoppe.  The Stitch Supply store was especially interesting to me, it will need a follow-up visit!

I did get a lot of sewing done to get the parts of the rings all together and now ready to sew into blocks.  They look very promising!

Today, I had a project hop.  I hopped from one thing to another!
One of the things that I worked on was a few blocks for my zigzag quilt.  I've been making lots of half-square triangles using triangle paper and my collection of solids.  (I've been using papers from Quiltime and Triangulations.  Thangles or other brands would also work.)  I have many more sets of fabrics pinned to papers and folded up in my project box, ready to be sewn.  These are the perfect short notice sewing tasks when I have 30 minutes to spare, and pretty mindless because I have them all set to go.
I had enough to arrange some on the wall, I know the color arrangement doesn't look that great but it has a long way to go yet.

Here's a picture of my mom and the quilt she put together today.  The 12 blocks were some that I had made earlier (much earlier) and had never been finished in a quilt.  So I put together a layout on EQ7 and found out how much more fabric would be needed.  When we were at the Calico Shoppe, she found the right colors of blue, red, green and cream to work together.  The blocks were actually made from Thimbleberries fabrics which were plentiful at that time, but not so much now.

Both she and the quilt look fantastic!

This afternoon I worked on this quilt, and it really went together fast.  I saw it on the Chicken Scratch blog written by Mary Etherington.  She has the directions on the blog page.
It used a jellyroll plus 10 more strips, which were solids from my stash.  I had the strips all ready and paired up so I didn't have to take time to ponder what goes with what today.   

I also made this little pumpkin tablerunner from blocks that were partly already sewn.  When I taught the Mini Pumpkins class at Bear Patch, I had several pieces underway to use for demonstration.  So I pulled together what I would need to make a small assortment of pumpkins, and this is how it turned out.....

We also have been sewing together pillowcases that will be donations through Bear Patch.  At the store, we cut a lot of pillowcase kits to be sewn and donated.  I brought some of those kits along and taught my mom how to run the serger, so she has been whipping up pillowcases!

Tomorrow we sew for the morning, then pack up and leave after lunch.  
I'll continue working on what's not finished, and some can wait in their boxes or bags for another day at another retreat.


Warm Quilts said...

What a productive retreat for you and your mother. I'm envious of the variety of projects you were able to work on. Well done!

MissesStitches said...

Your quilts and projects look great, Pam! So do Mom's. Glad you could go together to this retreat.