Thursday, November 8, 2007

On the Road Again

I'm repacking my bags and set to go to see my parents in Iowa. It's an unexpected trip due to the fact that my mom is ill and I would like to be there for a bit. Being "a medical person" I can hopefully be of some help. Plus I had just last week thought that I needed to get a couple days to go there anyway, since it is so nice to be able to visit them aside from holidays or events. So the kind folks that I work with at the store are very accomodating to allow me to leave on short notice without any hassle, covering my work there.
I did have a very good time on our quilt retreat, doing some good work for the store and actually had more time for my own sewing than I had anticipated, so that was a plus. I've started work on a quilt to be used for a class in early 2008, it has many little pieces but is turning out beautifully. It's sort of an Irish Chain-ish block, and I have most of the small 4-patch units pieced together so now it's a matter of combining them all correctly to achieve the 36 blocks needed (I have 3 done--yeah!). But that is set aside for a few days while I am gone, instead I have a couple knitting projects in my travel bag. Will tell you more about that later!

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