Monday, November 19, 2007

Returning to Normal?

It has been 2 long weeks since my last post. Long weeks because my mom has been seriously ill and required surgery to straighten things out. And it was not an easy operation, but she had only minor post-op complications. Her age of 77 is very misleading, her MD says she's more like 62! So today I got to bring her and my dad back home, which is a big relief. Still a lot of healing to do, I know she is perplexed by how easily she fatigues. But she is making progress and that's wonderful. We sat down to eat together at the table tonight, even though she doesn't eat much yet it still was a nice feeling of normalcy. So I will be here until Wednesday, doing some cooking and helping out wherever needed.
While spending hours in hospital rooms and waiting rooms, I got some knitting done! Finished up a little baby cap that is saved for the next new baby to come along. Worked on knitting the back of a little girl's sweater in 2 colors that I started about 26 years ago for Brita! I have a friend who is going to help me make sense of what needs to be done to finish it. Started a new pattern for fingerless gloves made of self-striping sock yarn, got one done and about half of the second so far. It helped to pass the time and the anxious moments.
Was on a quilt retreat last weekend, actually business-related for Stitchin' Trips and Bear Patch. It was a success for the guests and I even got some blocks assembled for my Carrie Nation quilt. It is coming together nicely.
Very little time on the longarm for 2 weeks, but will re-focus on that now. I have the honor of having 2 quilts to do for friends, and I want to get those done in a timely fashion. I received part of my thread order so only have limited colors. I look forward to some time at home to get back into sync with my machine.

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