Thursday, December 13, 2007

So the saga continues! Now seated safely in the resort in South Lake Tahoe, NV, I am enjoying a day with my daughter, Brita. She drove here yesterday morning from San Francisco and her boyfriend, Ben, is coming tonight after he gets off work. It is about a 4 hour drive from the city. Our son, Dan, is living in Mammoth Lakes, CA, about 3 hours from here to the south. He works for the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, in fact, you can see video of him on their website as he gives the snow report. He is the one with the Minnesota accent! He is here with us for a couple days, so we are having an early Christmas celebration. Only one missing is Krista and we really wish she could have made it but she was so nice to send us cookies anyway! Bob and I drove from Tahoe to Mammoth on Monday to see where Dan lives and works, plus the guys went skiing and I got to ride the gondola up to the mountaintop for lunch with an amazing view! We also went to Tom's Place, a tiny town near there that was once our home for a short time. When we were college students, we went there to work for the summer at the resort owned by Bob's aunt and uncle. We were wondering what we would find after 31 years absence, but it has been very well preserved in much the same way as it was back then. We really loved our time there, and it was so fun to go back and talk with some of the locals about people we remembered. A trip down memory lane!

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