Friday, December 14, 2007

work in progress

Finally I get a chance to tell you about the fun stuff I've been doing on vacation! Handwork stuff, that is! Even though reading in the car makes me nauseous, I usually am able to knit unless the road is real winding. So I finished the sock on my needles and have started on its mate. It is a pretty tofutsies pastel yarn that I purchase in Maine or New Hampshire on my August vacation. It is a blend of several fibers, the unique one being chitin which is from shellfish and is a natural antibacterial so supposedly keeps your socks from getting stinky from sweaty feet! Haven't tested it personally. Also finished wool applique on a penny rug pattern by Buttermilk Basin--a SNOW design. Have gotten work done on a very large tablerunner, actually called a table rug, by Sue Spargo. It is called Winterberries and Nancy and I decided to do this last winter, using a combination of flannel and wool. It is really looking nice, I have the vine and most of the leaf applique done. We'll see what Nancy has achieved at a later date! Have not visited many shops, but did find a good place Tuesday on Hwy 395 between Mammoth Lakes and Carson City, it is called the Quilt House and was in one of the Top 10 magazines. There is a local shop that I went into, they have a wide variety of fashion and quilting fabrics. Called Fabrics Unlimited. And that is about all for now!

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