Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cap and gown time

An event that just doesn't happen very often--siblings in one room together!  Gathered for the occasion of Nora's graduation...

shown here with proud parents Mary and Jarry following the ceremony in Frost Arena on the campus of South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.  Very fun and we are all proud of her for making her way through all the fun and not-so-fun moments and now she will be another in our family of nurses!  It also was fun to be back at my own alma mater, as just a scant 32 years earlier I graduated with the same degree in the same building (which happened to be new at the time!) with the same hopes and fears, relief and trepidation.  I did have the bonus of Bob to hold me a little bit steady over the rough spots, it does help to have someone else who knows what it's like to be put in the spot of holding someone else's life in your hands, and then go home and act like nothing happened because if you talk about it you are breaking every confidentiality rule in the book and besides they just don't get it and that's OK because I just don't get the essence of what they do either!  So it was very good to meet Nora's good friend, Abby, and see that they will surely be there for each other over the next few months.  Nora is getting set to move to her own place in Sioux Falls and go to work for Sanford Medical Center (lucky for Sanford) in the near future.  Best wishes!  Kudos!  Congrats!

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