Sunday, November 29, 2009

sliding downhill fast

Choose one of the following to describe the picture:
a. Olympic slalom champion in training
b. cover guy on Mammoth Mt. website
c. quilt pattern cover design guy
d. very happy transplanted MN son
It's great for us long distance parents to see and hear that Dan is doing something that he loves to do. Not everybody is so lucky. To get to use your education in a job that also happens to be your passion--what could be better? Well, maybe living closer to your mom would be good!
Back home again tonight after several great days visiting our families. It was a good trip with great celebrations: Thanksgiving, birthday, card games, dinners out. But we headed for home today after church in Jackson, in time to enjoy the Vikings' victory! Well, actually I was quilting through the entire game, but I was cheering them on subconsciously.

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Daniel said...

Best update ever!