Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a working vacation

I'm enjoying the company of my friends, Nancy and Leisl, this week while we escape from our everyday lives and indulge our love of fabric and needle and thread. My timeshare ownership has proven to be very useful for this type of vacation, and we know what's needed to make a whole week a fun experience. We share the cooking duties and manage to cook up some fine meals and share some fine wine during our time away. This week we are staying at Lake Carlos Villas, near Alexandria, MN. I chose this place because it was not very far away (2 hours) and because it is fairly close to Nancy's office and she is involved in some things that need her attention there. We have been stitching on a variety of things, here are are some of them:
Leisl is making new quilts for twin beds at her sister's beach house out East. The first one is coming together and the second one is in piles.
Nancy is making a new wallhanging for her house, it's from Sue Spargo.
I made a couple little projects for the store, the one on the left is a Snap Sack kit, the one on the right is from a book of tablerunner patterns by Gathering Friends.
I am resorting to sewing up my selvedges to make fabric, it sucks to be so hard up for fabric! Honestly, this is going into my own little Going Sewing bag, so I will show that to you next time. We are having a great time with our sewing machines, good meals, beverages and lots of discussion.
There's more to come, stay tuned...

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