Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my ticket to paradise

Here's an example of a very good idea. Finnegan's Beer, which is brewed by Summit (local brewery) exists solely to support good works. All profits from the beer-making go back into the community. They focus on charities and projects that make a difference for homeless and working poor populations. Luckily, I do not fit into those groups, but bad stuff happens to good people who need a little help. I love Finnegan's philosophy, and the beer tastes really good, too! Just the idea of getting a box full of credits in heaven is making me think that life is good!
My lovely beer glass, above, is from Mammoth Mountain in California. Beautiful place, fabulous snow sports, nice people and my favorite son all combined in one special spot. Which was the scene on Sunday for their annual Pond Skim, a good excuse for a party! This is not the first time Dan has attempted to slide across the water, but it was the first time dressed as Uncle Sam! Helping promote the fact that they are open for skiing and snowboarding through the 4th of July--it's a tough job, I know. The pictures look like it was a great day. Sadly, Uncle Sam didn't make it all the way over the pond, needed water skis, I guess. I hope the suit and hat survived!


Daniel said...

Can you pretty, pretty please save one of those beers for about 2 months so I can enjoy it once I get back to MN?

Pam said...

Could we just buy you a fresh one in June?