Saturday, April 3, 2010

a weekend away

Greeting from northern Iowa! Spending the night at my parents' house in Lake Park, my little hometown. We are in the northwest section of the state, just a few miles south of Minnesota and about 90 miles east of the South Dakota border. We were in Jackson last night and today, spending time with my sweet mother-in-law and helping with a bridal shower for niece, Ashley. It was a fun event and I am glad I got to be there. It reminds me why it is so nice to come from a small community, where things like a bridal shower are an event open to all who can come. Ashley was beaming, as she should be, and enjoying every minute.
So, I have to share something special with you--another blogger has posted a little bit about me and one of my patterns, it is fun for me! It is on the Selvage Blog, and I feel honored to be included. There are some amazing ideas to be explored there! I have not yet seen her book, but hope to get it soon. Those little selvage pieces are just kind of fun and quirky.
Back to Iowa--I am surprised at the amount of snowbanks still hanging around here! Even with the warmth lately they aren't yet completely melted. Should be good for the fields!
Happy Easter to you all!


MissesStitches said...

Pam, that's awesome that you were featured on Selvage Blog. How did it come about? Happy Easter.

Daniel said...

Awesome Mom!

I wish I could join for a trip to Jackson/Lake Park. Hopefully this summer!

Brita said...

Very cool, Mom!