Sunday, March 6, 2011

sometimes it's the little things that count

I found out about a wonderful program from my favorite batting company, Quilter's Dream Batting. They help support charitable causes by offering a very good price on the batting seconds. I use the Request Cotton batting for most of my own quilts and many customer quilts. I also have used their poly, poly/cotton blend, poly from recycled plastic, and silk blend, all with good results. I spoke to them about getting some of these seconds, and they are sending me an assortment at half of wholesale price. I can't wait tosee what arrives, we will be using them next week for my guild members making Quilts For Kids. If you are involved in making quilts for charities, please contact Quilters' Dream for information.

Here's another thing that is simple but brings me happiness! Silk yogurt in the large size containers!
This is my favorite yogurt, even though it costs about 2-3 times what normal yogurt costs, it is worth it for my morning granola. But finding this large container at my grocery store last week was a real treat, because it does bring down the cost per serving significantly, and these days I am all about saving a buck. Shopping for non-dairy substitutes at the friendly neighborhood grocery stores here is kind of like a roll of the dice--sometimes I am lucky and find several things, sometimes not so much. So the big carton of Silk yogurt really made my day! Yes, the only flavor was vanilla, but you will hear no complaints from this girl!

This is part of the gift that keeps on giving---
a Christmas gift from excellent friend, Debbie. It is a monthly delivery from the Label Crew, with directions for a project and specialty printed labels. This one arrived on Friday and I was in the mood to immediately put it together. A cute little bucket and 4 tags to embellish it. One of the tags is my own name! I did alter these directions a little, adding the ricrac, and making a webbing handle instead of fabric, and simplifying the tags by just stitching around them and then using my pinking shears to finish the edges. I think it looks kind of like a little Easter basket, don't you?


MissesStitches said...

Very cute basket, Pam! What a fun gift to receive! I'll have to pass on the batting info to my guild's comfort quilt person. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Love your basket! Debbie