Saturday, March 26, 2011

driving with the window open (a bit)

Yesterday was a fine, fine day, even though it included a visit to the dentist. I had several places to go and missions to complete, and since most everything is at least 10 miles from my house that means a bit of driving around. But it was a sunny day and in the afternoon, I found myself enjoying the open window and tunes on the radio as I shuttled from bank to grocery store to PO. I may have been a little premature in my thoughtthat the glacier was receding because 2 days later we got another healthy snowfall (about 8"). So we are not exactly back to square one, but took a baby step backwards in the snowbank game.

Speaking of snowbanks, how would you like to be waiting for this one to melt?!!
This picture and the next are from the Mammoth Mountain website. If you check their website and the "My Mammoth" tab, there are photo galleries there that will allow you to view these and many other pictures. The one below shows #1 son Dan leaping to his death over a cliff, I don't know what possesses an otherwise reasonable young man to do this!
Must be some fun in it, though, otherwise he would be living at home!

On my frame--

Nancy's primitive applique quilt "Town and Country", not sure who designed the pattern but it might be Sue Spargo. I am doing freehand quirky quilting around and inside some of the shapes. I know Nancy really enjoyed making this (except for the forest of little trees!) so I am taking pleasure in adding the quilting to her applique. This is one panel of about 15 that make the total design. It will fit perfectly in her new home.

Very happy to receive a little package in the mail yesterday with a new jar of my favorite and best winter skin care product, Surgeon's Secret.
Their beeswax cream is just what I need to heal up those little cuticle cracks and rough heels that are an annoyance. I sound like a commercial! If you do try some of this, don't be surprised with the consistency of this product. It is not a cream, it is not an ointment, it is nearly a solid. They do have other lotions and creams that might also be very nice, but this is the only one I have tried so I am sticking with it!

"Reality is the leading cause of stress among those who are in touch with it." --Lily Tomlin

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Nancy said...

LOVE the quilting on Town and Country! That was a block of the month from Jan Patek.