Monday, May 30, 2011

I love cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera

I am rewarding myself with one of life's little pleasures--cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese and coffee at Panera. I am also soaking up their wi-fi, since for some unknown reason my service at home is not working today. It stopped about 6AM during a thunderstorm, but has not returned. We have been in the process of changing our service provider in order to benefit from some price breaks for bundling together cell phone, TV and internet, and awaiting a new modem so that could have something to do with it. I do have to say that this has been a very dissatisfying experience, even though they (the companies in this case are Qwest, Earthlink, Verizon and Direct TV)) say they are all about customer service, this has been anything but positive. And Bob has born the bulk of the hassle, he has spent HOURS on the phone over the past 10 days, and it still is not right. Hence my trip to Panera! He really has been so patient with the assorted people from the assorted companies, I can only take it myself for about 30 seconds before I am ready to strangle the person on the other end of the line! So I kind of stay in the background, making encouraging noises and bringing him the adult beverage of his choice. We intended to discontinue our landline and go the way of the cellular generation. So far I still have a dial tone at home, so that clearly has not happened.

Since I can't get my pictures to upload, you will have to use your imagination to picture the beautiful quilt that I finished working on this afternoon. It has large blocks of machine embroidered designs amidst pieced fabrics, stitched on one of the Berninas by Barb. Once it is bound, it is planned to be on display during the upcoming Minnesota Quilters' annual show.

It is beginning to look stormy here again, with a tornado watch in effect, so I should probably cut this short and get on home. Maybe another thunderstorm will bring back my internet! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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