Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on a yarn break

Have you noticed that I haven't said much here lately about my knitting? We have been on a break, I guess-- sort of like Ross & Rachel!
I have written previously about this scarf and finally finished it off. And today it's about 80 degrees! The effect of ruffles on each side is achieved by using short rows, which is a great knitting technique mainly used for creating sculpted shapes that make sweaters fit bodies. Here is a close-up view down the length as it was blocked and drying.

and below curled around my neck, little ruffle looking like a victorian costume! I think I now understand the reason they used to wear collars like that--it hides any extra chins!

Oh yeah, I cut all my hair off! I wore my hair like this for a long time, starting in 1996 when I was glued to my bike seat and needed something convenient to go under my helmet. Then about 2 years ago I decided that the mother of the bride should maybe have some hair to style into a lovely "do". That was good for a while, but my hair is very thick and gets kind of 'fluffy' from time to time which drives me crazy. So I am reverting back to my old ways, and liking it.

I have been thinking about putting together a new small tote bag, using some inspiration from some Japanese design books, and came up with this--

The handles were purchased and the rest of the bag is just some coarsely woven plain cloth with 3 little hexagons added. It's just the right size for a magazine or notebook.

My Mother's Day was graced with a pretty bouquet from Dan, and this rose is so beautiful I just had to try to capture it and share with you--

Now off to a nursery to pick up some annuals for flower boxes and pots. Time to get my hands dirty!


nancy HILLMAN said...

Love the new scarf, and the new hair!

Daniel said...

Love the scarf!

I too suffer from the same fluffy hair syndrome. I need to chop a bit of mine off now that I'm wearing a bike helmet for most of my commutes to work.

Pam said...

Dan--I guess I will have to take all the credit for your fluffy hair because I am pretty sure that it did not come from your dad! Maybe Liz can give you a nice cut when you are home in June?