Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sweat shop

It has been a busy day in my sewing room, the multitude of threads clinging to me is good evidence! I am creating some new/revised designs for the Quilt MN fabric. I haven't written up any new patterns for quite awhile, so the fact that I am working on 3 new things is a bit of a departure for me! I'm not ready to show all the details, but I do have a sampling of what I have been up to.

Working on a set of courthouse step blocks--

I do use EQ6, the software by Electric Quilt, for a lot of my basic layout, sizing, color placement, etc. But I still go to paper and pencil for the finer points of cutting and calculating.

Then it all goes into my MacBook and hopefully ends up in a coherent form. These have to be ready by July 29, which is steadily creeping up on me. After I get this sewing done, they need to be quilted and photographed, too. No time to waste!

My sewing room is on the second floor, and even with 2 fans and air conditioning, it collects heat. The halogen lights and steaming iron might also have something to do with it! So the 'sweat shop' image is appropriate for what my day was like! Good thing I got to take a break to get my teeth cleaned, one of my least favorite things to do. I want to know who invented flossing. No one said anything about flossing when I was young, when it might have been a good idea to do it and prevent all those later nasty gum problems that are used as a scare tactic at the dentist's!

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