Wednesday, October 5, 2011

glue, part 2

Do you ever get a bee in your bonnet about something and just can't give it up? That's what happened to me with another new glue. Sometime in the not so distant past, I read about Tombow Mono Aqua glue on someone else's blog. I can't find that reference any more, so I don't know who to credit for that bee in my bonnet. It was something related to sewing or crafting, and I wrote down the name in my little calendar/notebook/address book, the old-fashioned paper kind, not electronic. I looked it up online to find a source locally, and found Office Depot was probably the most likely spot for me. But I discovered that there are few of those stores around here, they have been drowned out by Office Max, I think. I go to Office Max often to pick up supplies, and kept checking their glue shelves to see if this would show up. Same with JoAnns and Michaels, I kept lurking in the glue aisles and I was probably flagged by security crews as a glue bomb suspect! I did finally find an Office Depot just recently, and got all keyed up to score some special glue, but none to be found. :-(
Cut to last Saturday at Bargain Bill's in Rice Lake, WI. Debbie and I stopped at this familiar landmark for savvy shoppers, hoping to find some display props or paper products for the shop. As I was cutting through from the silk flowers to yarns, I passed through the black hole of scrapbooking supplies. This is a craft that I can't let myself get sucked into! So I tried to breeze through, not making eye contact with the lovely papers and gadgets and pens and embellishments. It's so hard! I had almost made my way into beading (another black hole for me!) when I noticed GLUES! And lo and behold, TOMBOW! I almost had to laugh, because this was the last thing I would have thought I would find that day, and not only the one with the blue cap, but 2 other types, as well! Of course, I had to purchase a sampling, and now I am going to test them out to see why they came so highly recommended. The key element that makes this all worthwhile for me is that there are dual tips--a fine point and a broad applicator--and that fine point is what I need as long as it doesn't clog. So far, no clogging. This has been a big item for scrapbookers so I probably could have found it at a scrapbooker's store if I had figured that out. I will have to follow up on that, because driving to Rice Lake for a bottle of glue would not be a wise thing to do!

I'm not just into glue--
I finished this baby size Chill Pill, I love the way this backing fabric fit with the blocks, and it was in my stash for years just waiting for the right moment.

And now this little flannel quilt is on the frame and will be quilted and finished lickety-split!

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