Tuesday, October 4, 2011

weekend away

I had a chance to "escape" for the weekend, this time Bob couldn't accompany me (very important golfing commitments!) so I went to Potato Lake Friday to stay with Debbie and Bob (her Bob, not my Bob) a couple nights. They have a sweet little spot there, an old cabin that they have worked hard to update and make comfortable. It's only about a 2 hour drive, so easy to get to. Here's the opposite shoreline in the morning when the lake was still:

The leaves are starting to change, it was a beautiful drive. I had to be careful not to swerve when I spotted another gorgeous tree. It was a little chilly Saturday AM (around 40!) and the steam was rising off the water, making a good setting for Halloween--

When you have a lake place, most people spend a good deal of their time working on maintenance and improvement, it's not all sit-back-and-relax! Bob replaced 2 sections of aging fence--

Debbie and I took a drive up to Cranberry Fest in Stone Lake, along with a few thousand other people! A little town without a stoplight, packed full of people and all things cranberry for one day every year!

It was sort of like the State Fair descending on a little village. We did wander around long enough to find some goodies like cranberry honey, cranberry jam and cranberry salsa. Found a few Christmas gift ideas amongst the craft booths, so it was a fruitful journey! There were also opportunities to buy cranberries in bulk, both fresh and dried. And visiting the cranberry bog was a popular sidetrip.

Back at the ranch, I experimented with this Autumn Brittle--

Let me just say that I have no responsibility for lost fillings, crowns or teeth or pounds gained! And I discovered there is a very, very fine line between hot enough sugar and burned sugar!

Big Big Thanks to Bob and Debbie for a wonderful weekend!

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