Sunday, January 29, 2012

new things

I'm so lucky to have a son-in-law who's mother is a fabric lover, just like me!  Mary creates wonderful bags like this:
carpetbag available at Mary's website
And now she has been busy designing fabric and very kindly sent me a towel made from the exact print that is my favorite from her collection.    I love it!  Every time I look at it I picture Mary busily creating.

Wonderful fabric from Mary Kaiser
And Brita and I did our own bit of creating last week to prepare their nursery for the little guy coming along in a few weeks.  The color theme is brown and green (there seems to be a pattern here, this was the color scheme for their wedding, too!) and the walls have been painted green on the upper part and brown on the lower section with a white chair rail.  The crib and dresser/changing table are in place, along with a very comfy rocker/recliner that is going to see some action.  I found some decorator weight dark brown fabric with white polka dots and purchased enough for drapes and bed skirt.
pardon my poor photo, it was night time!
I used the directions from Sew4Home as a guideline for these projects.  I hadn't sewn lined floor length drapes in a long time (maybe never!) so it took a little planning and plotting.  But I was very happy with the result.  Brita installed all the grommets and Ben installed the curtain rods.  The drapes plus the blinds do a good job of darkening the room.  The bedskirt has pleats in it but this crib kind of hides that, so I could have saved some time and eliminated the pleats.  Nonetheless, it gives a nice finished look to the crib.  I'm glad I had the chance to help with my sewing.

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Brita said...

I love the nursery work, and the babe is going to love it, too! I also got one of Mary's towels, in a different pattern :)