Saturday, August 25, 2012

a fair-ly excellent day

Well, Dan made it home for a visit after driving a l-o-o-ng ways.  Over 1000 miles north from Mammoth Lakes, CA, towing a U-Haul trailer to Whitefish, MT.  Then 1000 miles east to us!  Just in time to attend the opening day of the MN State Fair with his sister, nephew and good ol' mom.  I couldn't shake the feeling that I had to keep checking where my kids were in the crowd so they wouldn't get lost, just like when they were little!  One place we stopped was the Miracle of Birth building, a great spot for kids and adults who aren't used to seeing live births of animals.  There is a full veterinarian staff on hand to watch over the animals and answer a gazillion questions.  

Right behind us is a newborn goat in the arms of a helper.  Ian, as usual, wants to have something to chew on.  I think he would have liked to chew on that goat's ear if we had given him the opportunity.  He was such a good little guy, riding his stroller all over the fairgrounds in the thick of the throng.  Great people watching!  Ian is such a sweet little roly-poly size right now, those thick little thighs are just getting stronger and stronger.

We get to have Ian stay with us over the weekend, so a whole load of his necessities came with him yesterday.  But it was a hot day, and he was ready to shed some clothes, so we obliged.

 Storytime with Grandpa was a great cool-down before bedtime.  He surprises me by intently watching the pages and listening to Bob's voice.  So often he needs a lot more distraction to stay content.  He likes us to sing little songs, we are digging into the memory banks for some of the ones we knew when our kids were little.  The Wheels On The Bus never goes out of style!

In my last post I mentioned my shopping trip to Britex in San Francisco, and here are the fabrics I brought home.
 I was very conservative, but love these quirky fabrics from Echino and Kokka.  I had used a similar one for the laptop cover that I made for Dan.  Not sure what these will go into, other than my stash.

I was very pleased to finish up the quilting on my hexagon quilt yesterday and get Debbie's Christmas quilt for the Easy As Pie class loaded and started.  Maybe during naps I will get going on it!  Those little guys don't leave much spare time, do they!

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