Sunday, August 19, 2012

a recap

Now that the Olympics are over life can settle back down to normal, right?  And now that I am settled back after a different sort of vacation in San Francisco, the machines can get back to full use.  Speaking of machines, this was a display in some trendy boutique in San Francisco near Union Square.  It is real close (maybe next door?) to Britex Fabrics.  I was staying with little sis Jan within walking distance of Union Square, Chinatown, the Ferry Building, Britex, etc.  So convenient!

 We were babysitting Ian for 2 days and nights while Mom and Dad took a much-deserved trip north of the city to a wedding.  Lucky for me, my son, Dan, was also able to be in the city!
Ian and Uncle Dan
 Ian was a good little traveller, for the most part, and when we got back to the MSP airport he was happy and contented.  His little rubber giraffe, Sophie, made the trip, too.  An excellent friend to chew on!

Last Friday Bob and I went to a local park for a walk and some reading.  These are some of the beautiful flowers we found there.  In spite of some dry spells, these plants were thriving.


Brita said...

Which park were you at?

Pam said...

Bunker Park

Mike said...

What is Ian holding in his hands?

Pam said...

Sophie the Giraffe, a great chew toy and squeeker.