Friday, February 15, 2013

gadget girl

My mind has not been directed at this page lately, seems to be moving at a snail's pace!  I will blame it on my winter hibernation phase, which should be winding down before long.  The days are really getting longer, and we are only a little over 3 weeks from switching to daylight savings time.  To me, that signifies warm summer days, and 3 weeks is not going to make them magically appear, but it is a step in the right direction!

Some things to share:

I found a nifty little gadget (you know I love a good gadget!) to help me hang onto my computer cord.  I use my laptop on the overhanging countertop, and the plug-in below is in a perfect location but not handy for my cord attachment situation when I carry the laptop somewhere else.  Which happens frequently.  That is the selling point of a laptop, after all!  Mine has an aging battery, in fact, the most recent visit to the Apple store revealed that my battery is officially "consumed", meaning it is circling the drain slowly.  So I have to be conscious of keeping it plugged in to charge whenever it is on home base.  This little Command hook is made for cords, and by attaching it to the edge of the counter, it keeps my cord end from falling onto the floor and is easy to re-attach.  I think they might come in different sizes.  I bought this pack at the Container Store.

On the topic of computers, I want to tell you about another delightful little happening that involves my MacBook.  I had experienced a few glitches with re-booting, so took it to the pros at the Apple Store.  They needed to keep it for a couple days to diagnose the problem, which turned out to be a minor part replacement.  But the Genius Bar guy also noticed that I had a little crack on the edge of the surface that surrounds the keyboard.  Well, when I went back to pick it up, it was like it had had a spa treatment!  From what I can tell, all of the inside surfaces surrounding the keyboard and screen had been replaced, as well as all of the key caps!  Sometimes it takes very little to make a difference!

Here's another goodie-
I have wrapped my camera cord onto it and it is just the right size to fit neatly into my camera bag
It is the Bobino cord wrap, and comes in 3 sizes.  I think this is the medium size of the three sizes they offer.  I bought it at a gift shop, and have seen them at gift and office supply stores.

Here's another little gadget!

Now 11 months old!  Bob and I spent last weekend with Ian while B&B ran off to New York City.  Whew!  That's a workout!  Who needs the gym when you can crawl, lift, push and pull with a wiggly giggly little guy?  We had such a good time and have so many sweet memories of little moments and the things we learned.  He learns all the time and inspires us to be open to what is around us.  Just the fact that he now learned to put things into other things is another little milestone, of many more milestones past and future.  Thank you, B&B, for making this little gem and trusting us to be substitute parents for a few days!

Finally, here's a good read--

Actually, a good listen, since I was able to obtain the recorded version from our library.  It is a work of fiction, a little odd in spots, but overall quite intriguing.  Give it a try if you are in need of some new reading material.  And now I am on the second novel of the Millenium series, re-reading the 3 books by Steig Larson.  I rarely repeat a book, unless by accident because I forgot that I already read it until I am too far into it to put it down!  Not the case here, just for my own satisfaction.

Enjoy the wind-down of winter! (We hope!)


Brita said...

I really like my Bobino cord, too. And I REALLY LOVE my little gadget, Ian! Thank you so much for the love & time that you give him. He is definitely good at opening our eyes up to all that's around, like you said.

Lindah said...

Gadgets and good reads. What's not to like? Oh, and a handsome little guy. Mine are nearly grown, so I'll take a photo of your little one any day. Hang in there --spring is nearly here. My daffs just opened their first bloom this week; can spring be far behind?