Friday, July 5, 2013

a fine new door

On our mental to-do list (Bob's and mine) for going on more than a year has been our sad old garage door.  It was in need of replacement, having been bumped and broken and bitten a few too many times.  The biting was by little critters (chipmunks and/or mice) that chewed away part of the rubber seal at the bottom so they could have a free-for-all in our garage during the winter.

Thanks to the fact that Bob is now stuck at home for weeks, he is able to address some of the things that need to have someone at home to talk to people, get estimates, and get the work done in a timely fashion.  That's exactly what happened on Wednesday, and voila!  A lovely new door.  And a motor that is like stealthy quiet, so maybe when he does go back to work I will sleep right through his exit!  If my schedule started later than his, often I woke to the sound of the garage door lifting.  This could be the beginning of a great new day!  Thank you to the friendly guys of Elite Garage Doors.


Daniel said...

The new door looks great! So do your rose bushes!

Pam said...

Those roses are on a bush that I planted in 1990, I think! One of the hardy varieties, and it gets no special treatment over the winter but always comes back blooming in the spring! I have planted others but this is the only survivor.