Monday, August 5, 2013

a birthday blog

I haven't really dropped out of sight, just away from this page for a few days.  I have been posting daily on the Bear Patch blog with pictures and information about the Quilt MN shop hop.  That has taken my attention away from "the frayed edge" for just a bit.  Also, finishing up 3 patterns with lots of directions, diagrams, getting pictures and printing everything.  And right in the middle of that, I had a chance to pause and celebrate 60 years!  No earth-shaking reflections, other than realizing I've switched to a new category (60+) on forms that get filled out!  Actually, I'm pretty sure this will be the best decade yet, and I'm happy to be here!

Brita, Ben, Ian, Bob and I went to a new restaurant, Spoonriver, in Minneapolis.  It is right by the Guthrie Theater and the Mississippi River, and I hadn't been down in that area since it became respectable!  There is a great park area along the river, and we walked there aways.  It was a beautiful summer afternoon with fluffy clouds.

Below is a picture of an iconic local sight, the stone arch bridge.  It is open to pedestrian and bike traffic, and we walked across and back.  It's interesting to see the lock and dam structures there.

Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

Looking in the other direction, we had a view of the new 35W bridge.  Sorta new, anyway.  This is the location of the bridge that collapsed on August 1, 2007.  A tragic event, and not far removed from thought.  Each time I drive across that bridge I am reminded.
35W Bridge in Minneapolis

I knew one of the 13 people that died that day.  She was taking a class that I taught at Bear Patch, and was scheduled to be at class that evening.  But she had left a message for me earlier in the day that she would not be coming to class that night because she was going to an activity at her Temple.  She was on her way there via the 35W bridge when it collapsed.  A sad and strange twist of fate.  She was a bright and vivacious woman that I enjoyed knowing, and wish she was still with us.  

But I don't want to dwell on that sadness, because now I want to share something fun that involves another woman that I have come to know through the hexagon class that I taught at Bear Patch.  Her name is Alice, and she is an admirable lady, handling serious health issues that would slow down the average person.  But not Alice!  She completed the most English paper pieced blocks and went on to other shapes and sizes.  A few days back, I found a little gift bag and card with my name on it.  It was from Alice, and contained the neatest little ice cube tray shaped like.....


So thoughtful of her!  I had to hurry home and get some water freezing, and then enjoy my hexie ice with a little dab of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, a birthday present from Bob.  So nice of Alice and Bob to take care of my beverage needs!

My wonderful son and daughter planned a birthday surprise for me that was so special.  It did involve some sneaky behavior, which they accomplished very well and leaves me wondering what other kinds of sneaky things they have managed to do without my knowledge!  Probably I don't want to know!  Anyway, they contacted a bunch of my friends and family and collected birthday wishes and memories of times with me, all printed up and assembled into cards and letters.  It is a wonderful stash of goodness, and brings laughs and tears each time I look at them.  There are days when we can feel disconnected from others, but this collection of memories reinforces the fact that we are all in this together.  I know I'm lucky to be 60! 

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MissesStitches said...

Sounds like you had a celebration worthy of a sexagenarian! I hope you will keep those shared comments from your kids to read and re-read in the years ahead. I'm thinking 60 will be good for you, too!