Tuesday, August 20, 2013

not a lot to report

I don't have much to tell about lately it seems.  Just keeping up with the day-to-day stuff fills up my time.  Bob's surgical recovery is coming along nicely, much less pain and now he is back to work for half days, which is great!  There are still a lot of things that he is restricted from doing, but he is finding ways to pitch in and help with a lot of stuff.  Last night I had to purchase water softener salt, and carried those awful heavy bags to the basement for maybe the first time ever!  No need to lift weights when we have the joy of softener salt to deal with!  I have been working on pulling a lot of weeds from flower beds, they seem to be very healthy.  The weeds, that is!  I have been transplanting some things and moving some hostas and perennials to more suitable spaces.  But that doesn't make for very interesting pictures!

Not a whole lot of sewing or quilting or knitting going on, either.  But I do have one thing to share--

A handy dandy little tote bag, a real nice size that is bigger than a book bag but smaller than a grocery bag.  This is the picture from the pattern, Merry Berry Tote by Cut Loose Press--
This one was made from vinyl but I used decorator weight fabric.  There will probably be a vinyl one coming soon!

I did read another book, an actual paper and ink book for a change.  It is a story about an 18 year old golfer who took a year to travel with the goal of playing golf in every state (except Hawaii and Alaska).

Although I admit I did skim over some of the golfy parts about bunkers and course layout and clubs, etc., I did enjoy his account of traveling alone, sleeping in his car, and living on the cheap.  I don't know whether to credit him or his editor, but it was well-written for an 18-year-old.

I will try to put together some more pictures to share, maybe even pulled weeds and sandburs!

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Brita said...

Love the new chevron tote!