Friday, September 13, 2013

home sweet gnome home

"Hi Ian!  Let's play!"
Just a little silliness for my best little guy, since he has a little gnome buddy in his backyard.  I saw this little bit of fanciful fabric and knew that it would be just right for an 18 month old!

Also, his parents can't be left out, so the busy bees pictured below make the perfect pillowcases for them!  So appropriate for their monogram--BBB.

More specially themed fabric is being used for a fabulous prize for a 2014 fishing trip contest yet to be determined.  Biggest fish?  Smallest fish?  Ugliest fish?  Most fish eaten?  Biggest fish tale?

I had made the selvage section of this at home and quilted it on my machine, just brought it along to finish up the pillow back---

It was made using the Creative Grids 30 degree triangle ruler.  Worked slick!

I finished the quilting on 2 things last week--

This orange and white quilt is a variation of the traditional feathered star pattern.  I had never seen it before, but the pattern came from a magazine so it is legit!  I think it was called Pierre's Star?

Another star, and again with the orange--

This is a baby quilt, mostly white, with this one big star placed off-center for a different effect.  And look at this backing--

Love it!

I am enjoying a few days away from home for a quilting retreat, and I have spent a lot of my time so far working on a machine embroidery project.  I still consider myself a newbie with this skill, learning more each time I take on a new pattern.  This one combines some applique with the embroidery.

Peppermint Candy by Claudia's Creations

For a little bit better perspective, each of those ornaments is 5" in diameter.  This is what it looks like as it is being stitched--

Amazing machines!


MissesStitches said...

I love your inspiration for gifts coming from the fabrics you see! That lucky fisherman/woman.

Daniel said...

If that prize goes for biggest fish or most fish caught, you can go ahead and just send it to me now. ;)

Pam said...

Dan, I think your prize would be for best water skiing around fishing lines. But you can dream of the big fish/most fish prize. You know, the one I already won a few years ago!