Monday, November 4, 2013

fall colors

A beautiful sample of the fall colors here--

But after our very windy weather yesterday, there might not be as many leaves on that tree!

Luckily, we didn't have stormy weather last Thursday, so our favorite little treat could don his Pizza Man costume and work his way down his block.  After he got home, he got to snack on a mini Snickers bar, which seemed like a fun new experience for him!  He really didn't know what the fuss was all about with gathering candy in his bag, but I bet by next year he will have a better understanding.  Brita made his little costume, just an easy plan with felt and glue to make a crust and toppings.  It served the purpose and he didn't mind wearing it, especially when he could pick off some of the pieces!

My quilting last week was a little bit on the wild side--

Carol made this jungle quilt from a panel print.  I quilted an outline around the biggest animals and then just did a little bit of design in the background.  She chose this wonderful soft sculpted fabric for the back.

And, some quilting for Leisl that I had a little part in making.  This was a couple years ago when myself and 3 friends did a "Round Robin".  Each of us created a center square applique design.  Then it was passed on to another person in the group to add the next border.  This continued until we each got our quilt back with work done by all of the group.

This is the end result of Leisl's quilt.  Mine is still waiting for the quilter!

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