Saturday, November 16, 2013

one more time for these blocks

While cleaning off some shelves in my "resource room", otherwise known as the sewing room overflow area, I re-discovered a little bag of antique quilt blocks.  I think these came from a garage sale, but I am not at all sure of their origin.  There weren't enough to make a whole quilt, so I don't know if the maker had stopped before completion of a larger project, or maybe had these as left-overs?  I have no idea who made them, where they were made, or for what purpose.  But I do know that the fabrics look very much like those of the 1930's-40's, and were intriguing to me.  But they weren't made with a lot of care nor attention to detail, probably more of a utilitarian approach.  Well, I decided to see what I could make of them.

I carefully took them apart, removing all those little teeny hand stitches.  I decided that all of the white fabric was pretty decrepit, so chose not to keep it.  I am not going for museum quality here, so adding some 21st century fabric is not a deal-breaker.  

Then I gave all the little pieces a spa treatment!  A soak in a bubble bath and rinsed clean, then laying out on a nice soft towel to catch some rays.  Followed by a quick steam with the iron, and finally a little haircut to remove all the frayed edges.

 Next, I will use some little diamond paper pieces and English Paper Piecing to make them all fit together neatly again.

These are 1" on each edge, and probably just the right size for the little bits of fabric that I have to work with.  Some of those little bits are actually made of even bittier bits, seamed together to make a piece big enough for the pattern.
I am thinking I might also try to expand them by mixing in more solids in coordinating colors in additional stars, and/or using a solid in every other star point.  That would make twice as many blocks right off the bat, and get me much further towards a size that would be worth working on.
Stay tuned for the suspenseful outcome of this one!


MissesStitches said...

What a lot of work for you! But it will be great when finished.

Mom said...

You deserve a medal for what you have done already!!

Daniel said...

What a cool project!