Tuesday, April 29, 2014

bit o' fun

Some fun stuff going on here in our house today--
I finished the quilting on this one.
It's for Debbie, to be displayed at the store for an upcoming class.
The pattern is turnovers by Freckled Whimsy.  The photo on the left is more accurate coloration.  The other picture has been edited to show off my quilting better.  This was a fun quilt, totally freehand stitching, and a much more contemporary design compared to other things I have done recently.

I'm a little late getting it to her, since it should already have the binding and be hanging along with all of the other class samples.  I have spent quite a few hours quilting 10 small quilt, wall hanging size, for Stacy West, pattern designer for Buttermilk Basin.  And there was a deadline on those, too, in order to get photographs done and patterns printed in time for Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in 2 weeks. 
When she releases her patterns I will share some pictures of them.

I have been kicking myself for not getting done sooner, but I have some good reasons.  

There are those sweet little grandsons, who I need to visit often to hug and play, since we all need time to play more.  Ian doesn't sit still for very long, so to entice him I placed a tiny pink play-doh puppy on my knee.  Whatever it takes!

And then there's this:

demolition of our kitchen and main bathroom started today.
The 80's were alive and well until they collided with 2014 today.
Packing up everything, doing some culling while I went, sorting what to keep handy in our temporary kitchen and what to stow away in boxes--it all takes time that I really don't have, hence my quilting delays!  Oh well, it all gets done in the end.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

wallpaper hidden in the bathroom
little pink flowers
what was I thinking?

The workmen are very nice and hard-working.  They hung sheeting and tarps all around to keep the dust contained as much as possible, and laid plastic on the carpet where they will need to walk.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

I'm feeling very nostalgic today, but I'm pretty sure that I will get over that!  Our new cabinets are going to be sooo much better!  These old ones met our needs for a long time and I hope to outlive the new ones!


Daniel said...

OMG! I can't believe how the kitchen looks. You guys are going to love it once it's all finished!

Brita said...

Your quilting looks so nice, Mom. It is really fun to see those before & after pictures of the remodel. I don't remember that flower wallpaper!

Pam said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who has blocked out the memory of that wallpaper!

MissesStitches said...

Wow--some major construction going on here! You're right--a good chance to sort through things. It's going to be so good when it's all done! Stay strong.