Friday, April 4, 2014

Switching gears

The only freedom you truly have is in your mind, so use it.

M.T. Dismuke

My mind had been occupied by my amazing little grandsons during the past 2 weeks. Two (2) grandsons! Little Jack Robert is almost 2 weeks old already. Big brother Ian is adapting fairly well, but he is only 2, after all, so don't expect miracles!  
Now it is time to get my mind engaged in creative endeavors and back to the backlog of quilts awaiting my attention. Yesterday brought something that I don't often see--
A quilt made of vintage fabrics!  These  are fabrics from the 1930's from what I know. I am not sure of the history of these blocks but I know they were resurrected by my friend, Maggie. The Dresden plates were stitched by hand and the blocks were assembled with many little bits of collected vintage fabrics. Some of these prints might be considered real oddities by today's standards, but are so interesting to see. 
This one, for example, combines some shapes and colors that I would never willingly combine!  Makes me stop and think about what was in the mind of the person who designed it! I mounted this with batting and backing on my longarm frame and basted the layers together. Now Maggie will spend a few minutes (or months!) hand quilting it. Maybe I will get a picture of the finished product some day down the road to share. Now off to get creative!

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