Saturday, November 14, 2015

some more projects that are almost checked off the list

Some more project progress today!  Sadly, tomorrow I have to leave.  Happily, tomorrow I get to go home!  With a box full of done and/or partially done quilty goodness!

I made 3 strings of Christmas pennants, like the ones hanging on the windows below.  They were cut from a printed fabric panel, fused, stitched to backing, sewn to a ribbon and voila!

Here are 2 quick and easy tablerunners (sorry Amy!) in holiday fabrics, made from a pattern that includes 5 total designs, by In The Doghouse.  They aren't very big, so quick to put together.  I picked these fabrics at Bear Patch and made kits of each, so we will have them ready to display for Christmas gift ideas.  Still needing quilting and binding, but that will have to happen at home.

Here's something I didn't make, but have longed for.  Leisl, my friend, makes these bowl holders to use in the microwave.  Perfect for my morning oatmeal!

I worked on this red and white quilt yesterday, and ran off the rails last night when I started to put the rows together and got them out of order.  So I set it aside, took some stitches out this afternoon, and now it's all together in the right order!

Tonight I'm joining the movie watchers for a viewing of Julie and Julia.  
A great show for the 2nd or 3rd time!

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MissesStitches said...

Great work and projects completed/worked on! I love your banner.