Saturday, December 19, 2015

yes, we all make mistakes

There seems to be a misconception that I can't make a mistake!  Not too long ago, I messed up on something I was making, and what I heard from the people who knew about it was that they were relieved to find out that I could make a mistake, just like the rest of the world!

Oh, yes, I have made some doozy mistakes!  I don't document all of them, nor do I even talk about them, but believe me, they happen!
Here are just a few recent ones:

I made these 2 little love bunnies for the grandsons.  But on the way to getting the parts all sewn together, I got the head on backwards on one of them!  Not something that could be overlooked, since the ears were not facing the right direction.  So out came the seam ripper, had to turn things all inside out again, but finally got the head on straight!  And if you've ever done something like this that has to be turned through a tiny opening, you know the frustration as the stitches pull and openings expand as if by magic, making it all the harder to hand stitch the opening closed.  Squeezing that big stuffed head through a much smaller opening was something like childbirth!

Then, here's a nice quilt top to admire--
what doesn't show is that the rows were first assembled in the wrong order, so again, the ripper comes out!  It was pretty confusing, due to the mix of hexagons and triangles, and I kept trying to flip the rows end for end thinking that surely there must be some easier way to make it work, but the ripper ruled!  It is finally all together and I couldn't be happier!

And my mistakes are not limited to just sewing, either!  Actually, I probably make more mistakes in my knitting, because I tend to just decide to keep working a little farther.  Somehow I think that the mistakes will fix themselves!  Here's a cute fingerless glove that ended up fitting me so snugly that it is going to end up going to my sister, Jan, who has teeny tiny hands.  (Actually, this just brought to mind an old Saturday Night Live skit of the girl with teeny tiny hands singing a Lawrence Welk tune, but that's a whole different realm of teeny tiny hands!)  Anyway, this was supposed to be a glove set for my son, and no way is it fitting him!  And I think I had a feeling from the very beginning that even though I thought I was following directions for a man's glove size, it looked like a child size!  What was I thinking?!  So now I need to make glove #2 like this for Jan, and then start over with some new directions for man hands.

So yes, we all make mistakes!


MissesStitches said...

Welcome to my world! Sometimes I feel like I rip out more stitches than I put in!

Daniel said...

I've made many mistakes in the process of trying to hide the top seams when making tote bags. I feel like I have to think about it for a minute each time I'm putting one together to make sure the correct sides are facing each other!

Pam said...

Dan, next time you make a tote bag make an extra unfinished one to keep for an example. You could save a lot of minutes!