Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good Bye 1990's!

I think it's been a long time since I have stripped wallpaper, and that's a good thing!  And luckily, it's only a border strip and not entire walls.  This was so very pretty back in the early 90's in Brita's bedroom, but it has lost its charm!  The room is due for an update.  

Repaint and new flooring to start with.  Then window treatments and who knows what else.  There is still a twin bed in there along with a baby crib.  That's in addition to a boatload of sewing, knitting, crafting materials.  That all had to be moved out during the past few days.  Now small job.  I started out sort of sorting and organizing before packing stuff in boxes, but I'm on a deadline, so most of it just got lumped into boxes and will have to be sorted before it goes back in the room.  I'm leaving in a couple days for a little sewing getaway for a week, and Bob says he will work on the paint and floor while I am gone.  I could not pass up an offer like that!

 Thought I would share a couple fun Christmas pictures with you--we went to North Carolina and had an excellent time with kids and grandkids and friends there.  A very warm and friendly holiday celebration for all of us.  We gave the little boys each a sleeping bag, and they were immediately rolled out on the floor for play naptime!  I tried to get a selfie with Ian and Jack, but it's hard to maintain control of the camera when those little guys want to see what's going on!

Before Christmas, I made a fun new tablerunner for the Christmas display at Bear Patch--

Pattern by Tiger Lily Press, and all those curvy lines are pretty easy to sew.  I'm offering it as a class soon.  I also made the tablerunner shown below--

This one happened on a whim, because we got the new Mini Quick Curve Ruler (by Sew Kind of Wonderful) in the store, and I took one home to try out.  There was a little tablerunner pattern included with the ruler, and that orange and red popped off my shelves to make some quick blocks.  Really not so hard, and I have another pattern for pumpkins made with that ruler in the works.

In October (I think) I worked on this quilt at 2 retreats, and it's finally all together and on display at Bear Patch for a future class.  It is a pattern called Delight from Jaybird Quilts.

I finished the pair of Man Hands gloves I talked about in the previous post, along with a stocking cap.  They are both on their way to Whitefish, MT, to keep Dan from freezing this winter!

It's not very often that I get my kids together in one place, plus my mom, so I have to share our Christmas picture with you!

Back to the wallpaper!


MissesStitches said...

I love your two table runners! It's never too early to teach young ones about selfies.

Pam said...

Both of those tablerunners were fun to make, involving some different techniques than regular squares and triangles. You should try them!