Saturday, February 27, 2016

the struggle is real

Again, I have a DIY story for you.  This is where the struggle happens!  This is a good one!  Our upstairs bathroom had some real ugly old caulk by the tub, and I had removed it with a lot of elbow grease awhile ago.  Maybe a year ago?  I don't know, one DIY project just seems to meld into the next!  When you pause that long, I found out the the edge of the good ole vinyl flooring (which is not being replaced because Bob gave me that look when I suggested tile would be nice) starts to curl up a little bit.  So we were faced with a worse mess to try to pretty up with some new, neat, white caulk.  First, we thought adhesive.  Not sure what to use, Bob pulled out his Gorilla glue and slathered some of that under the edge, as well as in a few other places that it didn't belong.  Then he jerry rigged a weight to hold the edge of the flooring down while the glue did its thing.  Well, that was not a huge success.  We now had partially glued down flooring and lumps of gorilla glue in some spots.  So, I suggested staples, for not the first time in this little drama.  Bob caved and got some staples in the right spots.  Then he carefully taped off the area for the caulk, and with my watchful encouragement, spread in some white caulk so very nicely.  Tape strips were carefully removed, and we gingerly tiptoed out of the bathroom, thinking this is too good to be true, but we had finally licked the caulking problem!

Now move forward to the next day.  Bob's upstairs, and I hear him calling me to come up there, there's something I have to see.  With some trepidation, I climb the stairs and see him in the bathroom.  I'm pretty sure we will soon be doing the happy caulk dance.  But NO!  I look at the floor and this is what I see--

How come those staples are showing???  Yesterday they were covered by caulk!  What happened???  We hardly know what to say.  Bob has the caulk tube in hand, and look what it says in fine print--

OMG!  We were nearly on the floor laughing so hard!  This never happens on the Home and Garden shows!  Is there a prize for the people who make the hardest job out of something that should be simple?  We are the champs!

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MissesStitches said...

Oh well, back to the drawing board. So sorry. . .