Tuesday, April 12, 2016

odds 'n ends

Are you in need of a good multi-purpose tote for all kinds of stuff?
I just made up this Union Square Floor Tote by Kenzie Mac and I really like it!  I took it along when I went down to Iowa so I could finish sewing the binding around the top edge.  Then I loaded it up with all sorts of things for the trip back home.  All of the items pictured below were packed into the tote, and even though it was heavy, the bag and handle was plenty strong.  We have the patterns for sale over at Bear Patch, in case you want one.

I've been looking for some little planters, something with a little more finesse than the usual terra cotta pots, and nice for indoors.  I used to have a pretty good green thumb, but pets and kids put a damper on my houseplants.  Now I'd like to have a few around to brighten up the space, but they can't require a lot of care.  Wouldn't want to worry about my plants when I am away on a trip!  

This little bunny was with the post-Easter clearance stuff at Target.  I peeled up some moss from a rock in the back yard, and it makes an easy-to-care-for bright spot.  One little seedling of something else sprouted out of the moss!

I've been on the lookout for interesting succulents, because I can usually get those to grow as long as I don't overwater.  This one is doing well, and I like the shadow it casts.

Last night I did some stitching on the binding for this little quilt.  It's from my pattern, Connections, and I used Cuddle fabric on the back.  The lines of quilting look sculpted!  I don't really like hand sewing the binding on that plushy fabric because it's harder to gauge whether I am picking up the necessary threads without stitches showing on the right side of the quilt.  I have to stop and double check frequently.  Good thing it's a little thing!

Last night I also baked cookies, using the Monster Cookie recipe that I like so much.  I'm taking some along to the class I'm teaching this afternoon, and I'm afraid there are going to be a lot of temptations with the rest of them here at home!  So I better think of some other ways to distribute them, other than to my own hips and thighs!

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