Monday, April 25, 2016

ollie blocks

I know what you're thinking!  What's an Ollie Block?
Well, this is a little toy project that is crafted and assembled in hopes that my sweet little grandsons will be fascinated by them, and not use them as weapons!

Take a look over on the Ollieblocks website and look at the examples.  They are stacked together to make people and animals and pirates and goblins and just about anything you can think of!  But each side of the block is a different picture, so the fun comes in mixing and matching together.

For me, a lot of the fun came in making these during an overnight Block Event with friends!  
My friend, Marilee, first introduced this idea to us, and next thing I knew, I was signing up for a trip to Nancy's house about 2 hours away!  Marilee purchased all the designs we wanted, had them printed on good quality paper, bought a box o' blocks and a good supply of Mod Podge.
The desired beverages and food were packed up and off we drove out to Lake Wobegon land!

Here are some examples of that we did!

It really was easy, and didn't take a lot of concentration, so the conversation and laughs never stopped!  And while we were toiling away, just out the window we watched the full moon rise over Big Swan Lake.

The next morning we added another coat of Mod Podge, took a walk, watched a tear jerker movie (Miss You Already), then visited The Old Creamery Quilt Shop in Randall, ate lunch nearby, and toodled on down the road to home.  Such a good trip, and now I have blocks for the boys!  I made 24 of them, people and animals.  I guess I must plan a trip to North Carolina now!

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